DHI Entrepreneurship Training Application Form

Applicants are advised to CAREFULLY READ and ensure they FULLY UNDERSTAND all related instructions before completing the application form. Please note that INCOMPLETE APPLICATION FORMS, FALSE INFORMATION AND FALSE SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS will not be processed.

Sl.No Skills Advanced Good Basic Poor
1 Communication
2 Negotiation
3 Time Management
4 Problem solving skills
5 Punctuality
6 Teamwork skills
7 Flexibility
8 Ability to accept and learn from criticism
9 Marketing skills
10 Passion to learn
11 Persistency
Sl.No Skills Advanced Good Basic Poor
1 Graphic Design
2 Website Design
3 Photoshop
4 Mobile Development
5 Data Entry
6 Digital Marketing
7 Writing and Translation
8 Video and Animation
9 Music and Audio
10 Finance
11 Health and Fitness
12 Others